He Set Me Free
An album of my Christian songs, mostly written for “After The Rain” to use in worship at St James Road Methodist Church, Southampton.
What a giveaway!
I recorded this album to give the songs a wider audience and to respond to people who’d asked me for the songs in a form they could keep.  It seemed right, as the songs were the fruit of a gift from God, to make it a gift from me, so I gave away the first batch of 200 CDs, for nothing.  Some folks found that difficult to comprehend, which perhaps says something about our society.  I’ve now got some more printed and I’ll be selling them (for a very modest amount) - which allows me to distribute them through shops.  I may still give some away.
Want one?  Contact me at southamptonsongs@uwclub.net.
He Set Me Free
(2009)  Hooperman Records BHCD03
The songs are:
He Knows - based on a story in John’s gospel, the message is “he knows you through and through and loves you anyway”.
Stranger On The Road - if you don’t look, you’ll never see the stranger on the road.
It Is Written - an Advent song from the viewpoint of those awaiting the coming Messiah.
Before The Cross - moving from the time before the cross, to where we now stand.
As We Were Hanging There - a happy song about the crucifixion, by a thief.
Not Even I - and not even you stand beyond the love of God.
We’ve Taken Your Word - a prayer for the home evangelist.
In Distress I Cried Out - and He set me free.
A Hundred Thousand Sundays - very approximately - another Advent song.
Here He Comes - one for Palm Sunday.
Another Christmas Dream - needs a bit of work to make it come true!
Some of the tracks are remixes of recordings of “After The Rain”, others are just me, and Christine has added some backing vocals on a few of them.  Thanks to the other members of the group (that’s Nigel and Kate Bailey, Louise Evans, Ros Horsfall and Katie Deabill) for permission to use their contributions.