so what’s UW Club?
The “uwclub” part of my web address refers to the Utility Warehouse Discount Club (also known as TelecomPlus), a provider of internet services, landline and mobile phone services, electricity and gas.
As a customer I was so impressed with the service and the savings compared to other suppliers that I decided to become a distributor.  I’ve now given that up, having learned that a sales role is not for me, but I’m still very happy to tell you about the Utility Warehouse, and save you some money!  You can contact me on
It’s not guaranteed to be cheapest for everything all the time, but it’s committed to being close.  You’ll also get a really clear monthly bill - just the one, for all the services you take.
You could also have a look at the club’s website at  If you sign up, tell them who sent you....
Another photo of me?  Well, did you want a photo of my utilities bill?
Want to reduce your carbon footprint?
Don’t just pay less - buy less!  We have photo-voltaic panels on our roof to generate some of our own electricity, and in effect sell it to the grid when we produce more than we’re using.
For more on this, visit - and don’t forget to tell them who gave you their address!
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