Some photos here of various gigs and other things, including the launch event for “A Year In Providence” at the Blue Keys on 28 January 2007, in support of local charity The Society of St James.
Jeff Henry at the launch of “A Year In Providence”
Brian and Jeff, same evening
Guest singer/songwriter Gene Burton
Some found a seat...
some found a perch by the bar, or stood up .....
... and some chose to sit on the floor!
A Year In Providence - the launch
Southampton In Song - the launch
John Melody, Southampton’s Town Crier, introducing me and Jeff at the launch of “Southampton In Song”
... and here we are in full flight.  The venue was the lovely and historic St Michael’s Church, in Bugle Street.
I know one song with banjo accompaniment!
The Town Crier makes it a trio for the finale, “Here In Southampton”
After The Rain
In concert on 18 October 2008.  L-R Kate Bailey, Christine Hooper, Ros Horsfall, somewhat obscured Louise Evans and Nigel Bailey, and me.
Newest member of After The Rain, Christine.
Nice bit of camerawork from Stuart Bell.
Me and bodhran, accompanying Emma Bailey.
Nice backdrop!
and there’s more.........